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Carpet is one of the best ways to improve your interior’s comfort. Carpet is more durable and longer lasting than ever before. New technology in manufacturing carpet has allowed new patterns, colors, and styles to be added.  The flexibility allows you to be creative in your home’s flooring. With so many styles, patterns, lengths and “plushes,” your options aren’t limited in finding a carpet that fits your needs.

In addition to comfort, carpet also a perfect choice for those that sit or lay on floors such as homes with children have children who like to play on the floor. Carpet can completely change the home’s feel and can increase your home’s value. Carpeting also creates a perfect non-slip surface for safety.

Carpeting has stayed as go-to option for homeowners for the comfort and style it brings to you home. Carpets are great for bedrooms and open living areas as many are very durable. For many properties in Summit County, they provide an easy to clean option that reduces noise and helps with warmth in winter.



Carpet Fiber Options

Carpets come with lots of fiber options. Matching the fibers to your needs is important to make sure your carpet looks great and last for years to come.

 You can choose from:

  • Wool– Very durable and comes in a decent variety of colors
  • Nylon – Very popular with a wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Polypropylene – Less expensive and normally light colored
  • Polyester – low to mid-priced; stain resistant, and doesn’t spring back after walking on it
  • PPT – a type of polyester, that looks good even after being walk on 


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